Beard Maintenance

All hair requires maintenance. Daily maintenance keeps the hair from becoming brittle, dry, and breaking. We want our hair to look and feel good. It’s a plus when it smells good too. For whatever reason when it comes to hair care, beards have been forgotten. In the late 1500’s, a Royal family had beard tonic developed to keep their notoriety in high standing. Thus the idea of beard oil was born.   Unfortunately, it has taken until the last few years for this practice of beard hair care become more main stream.

The first and most basic step is washing your beard daily. However, since facial hair is courser and has a significant different texture, a special conditioner is needed.   Conditioner designed for other hairs do not have the penetrating power and long term absorption rates needed for facial hair.   The answer is a combination of multiple different oils with different properties to keep ones beard in top shape. Although many companies have beard oils for sale, most used base in the oil is Castor oil. Castor oil has short term conditioning properties but long term devastating effects on hair.   It leads to brittle hair that splits down the middle, leaving split ends that tie into mini balls and is commonly referred to as rattle snake nests. Over the development of most beard oils, it is found that even some added fragrances can cause adverse effects; so long term testing is needed before any oil is used on your beard.

When looking for quality beard oil, we recommend that you make sure all the beard oils are 100% organic. Oils that do not have any fillers added to them like Castor oil. We also recommend that you only use companies that use 100 percent therapeutic grade essential oils for fragrance to insure quality meets the standard needed.   Once in a while you may find that your beard starts to have dandruff like flakes and need a small amount of dandruff shampoo added to your regular maintenance routine. It is important to use quality beard oil daily and remove any rattle snakes that may occur.   Depending on your climate you may need a specific change in the volume of beard oil used.   Extreme dryness or high elevations will generally use more oil than see level or cold regens.

The learning curve is normally quick to determine what volume you may need. Beard maintenance goes beyond just oils. It can also include beard wax that can be used to control hairs that are out of control or just need to be trained where to go. Wax is also used to hold mustache shape and sheen. Make sure to only use quality wax or the same issue with dry hair can cause your mustache to look worn down, get brittle and not perform the way you want. With any part of the body you must use appropriate and quality products for the best results. If you want a quality beard, you may want to look into all the different beard styles and options you have available to you. The possibilities are endless and the volume of individuals who are growing beards increases every day.   If you feel like you are ready to compete your beard, don’t forget all the many beard clubs and contest around the world.

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