Paleo Recipe Book review 2014

The first thing is to know about the headline is what is paleo food? This word paleo comes from an ancient word named Paleolithic. Paleolithic is the name of an age before human civilization. That was the time of caveman society period. But what is the connection between paleo food and Paleolithic age? The answer is the foods which were taken by those Paleolithic cavemen are the basic source of paleo food. Don’t be tensed about my speech. It is actually not the same foods menu rather paleo food is the symbol of that food which is come from nature. So it can be said generally that Natural foods are the main source of paleo food. For the paleo foods lover paleo recipe book is like moon on the hand. The best paleo recipe book is written by Sebastien Noel. This paleo recipe book contains 395 pages with 372 recipes. Now come to the main point, in this paleo recipe book review you can not only gain knowledge that why you need this book but also get the idea why it is best. this book has those paleo foods recipes which are easy for people to cook. You may have many recipe books around you for selection but nothing are not better than paleo recipe book. There are some foods menus in this awesome book such as pork, poultry, snacks, salads, stir fries, eggs and omelet etc. Now in this paleo reciepe book review i am going to tell you why paleo recipe book is the best? The reasons behind this top position stability are given below:


  • Paleo recipe book has those paleo foods recipes that are digestible for human body. Our body is designed to eat red meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables etc. Human is not comfortable with toxic foods like sugar, grains, legumes, dairy bad fats, processed foods which make body sluggish and lose. But paleo recipe book is the actual solution to make human body perfect.
  • There is a proverb called beauty comes first before work. This paleo recipe book has a very authentic cover look which attracts people.
  • This book has a cool and easy table of contents page which can easily helpful for the users to find out his / her desirable dishes.
  • All the food recipes are actually written for creating human good health. The entire paleo food plan works so well in the human body that cannot be described in a word.
  • Sometimes paleo food recipe is mixed with modern food which cannot be discovered by people .Because they only know the paleo food benefits. So when they get the mixed recipe by the name of paleo food. They are cheated. But this paleo recipe book has all the original paleo food recipes without any doubts.
  • The colorful food processing pictures in the paleo recipe book make the users comfortable to cook the paleo food without any hesitation.
  • This paleo recipe book language is very friendly and the recipes steps are also so much easy to follow. This can inspire anyone to cook food.
  • The diet plans of this book are very logistic and supportable for the followers to inspire them to follow the paleo diet plan. Besides paleo diet plan is that kind of plan which can make you healthy, fit but without any awkward feeling.

So, paleo recipe book is the offer to live healthy and sound life without any kinds of health problems. I think this paleo recipe book review may show you the reasons of this book popularity and the rate of acceptence.

Soup diet

The soup diet would have been developed here a few years in an American hospital, in order to make lose the obese patients quickly having to undergo an surgical operation. It makes the good share with a soup of vegetables avoided of slimming virtues. It makes it possible to lose without risk, but after the 2 weeks of diet, one takes again weight inevitably.

Soup diet

Principle: The base of this diet is a soup known as “burn-greases”, to consume with the principal meals. They are in fact a banal soup of fresh vegetables, which should not be mixed, nor crushed (it is thus more satisfying). The remainder of the food is classically composed of rich foods in proteins and very thin (thin white cheese or yoghourt, fish, lean meat) and of fruits (in limited quantities). Complements in gélules or herb tea (green tea, pineapple, tail of cherries) are judicious to improve the weight loss and elimination of greases. A complex multivitamines is also designed to fight against possible deficiencies. The diet itself also lasts 7 days, followed by a programme of one week stabilization.

Critical: This diet can allure by its organized and rigorous side (the menus are imposed for each meal). But it is hardly different from a balanced and very severe hypocaloric diet (less than 1000 kcalories per day during the first week, hardly 1200 kcalories for the period of stabilization). It can be appropriate for women having little physical-activity, but is too restrictive for the men, and any person who is spent much. It should be noted that the virtues allotted to the soup-miracle are very over-estimated. Let us say simply that it is an astute way to make consume vegetables, and much of water.
The soup diet of course makes it possible to lose weight. But like any very hypocaloric diet, the resumption of weight is inevitable, even after having followed the phase of stabilization.

Chocolate mouss


300 G of white cheese 0%
2 spoonfuls of cocoa powder
100 G of sugar powder
3 whites eggs
100 ml of skimmed milk
A grated peel of a half-lemon
A salt pinch


In a salad bowl, mix white cheese, sugar, milk and the cocoa. In another container, assemble the white eggs in snow with a salt pinch.
Then mix very delicately the two preparations.
Let it rest in the refrigerator at least two hours.