Most Sought after Cosmetic Dentistry

Before the cosmetic dentistry procedure

I can’t imagine how you look like before you enter in the dental clinic. You must be devastated and not happy at all. That is the reason why you come to that clinic, right? I have the same feeling before the cosmetic dentistry procedure. I still remember my first visit to the dentist. I came to clean and bleach my teeth. My teeth were yellow, with plaque and cavities inside and in my gums. I thought that there were decayed and bad teeth. I felt not good at all. I also remember when I went to have dental filling. My tooth was not in a good shape at all. I had decayed tooth and hurt me when I eat something. I also had bad breath because of bacteria that living in my mouth. I was sad because I don’t want to say goodbye with one of my teeth. I really want to save it as long as I can. That’s what I told to my dentist and I’m so glad that I did.

After the cosmetic dentistry procedure

This is my favorite time when having a cosmetic dentistry. What a wonderful feeling to have a successful cosmetic dentistry! What do you expect after teeth cleaning? Wow! I am so happy with the result. My teeth are whiter than before. The yellowish color turns to my original teeth color. The plague and cavities are gone. My teeth are ok and not worried that they were bad. I can see the results. My teeth are shining like the stars. Did you see and feel the same as I did? I was amazed and happy with the result after my tooth filling. I can see nothing but a whole tooth. There’s no hole because it filled with materials used in filling. I saw the same color with my tooth. I really thanked my cosmetic dentist to save my tooth. I don’t have bad breath anymore. They were my experiences and I know that some of you felt the same way or more than that. I did not have dental implant, veneers, crowns and bridges. I wonder how they feel and what their reaction after cosmetic dentistry procedure. Cosmetic dentists are really amazing and surprising. Thanks to high technology that learned by our talented cosmetic dentists. Everything is possible more than you imagine. What did you see after cosmetic dentistry procedure? You can share with us too.

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