Soup diet

The soup diet would have been developed here a few years in an American hospital, in order to make lose the obese patients quickly having to undergo an surgical operation. It makes the good share with a soup of vegetables avoided of slimming virtues. It makes it possible to lose without risk, but after the 2 weeks of diet, one takes again weight inevitably.

Soup diet

Principle: The base of this diet is a soup known as “burn-greases”, to consume with the principal meals. They are in fact a banal soup of fresh vegetables, which should not be mixed, nor crushed (it is thus more satisfying). The remainder of the food is classically composed of rich foods in proteins and very thin (thin white cheese or yoghourt, fish, lean meat) and of fruits (in limited quantities). Complements in gélules or herb tea (green tea, pineapple, tail of cherries) are judicious to improve the weight loss and elimination of greases. A complex multivitamines is also designed to fight against possible deficiencies. The diet itself also lasts 7 days, followed by a programme of one week stabilization.

Critical: This diet can allure by its organized and rigorous side (the menus are imposed for each meal). But it is hardly different from a balanced and very severe hypocaloric diet (less than 1000 kcalories per day during the first week, hardly 1200 kcalories for the period of stabilization). It can be appropriate for women having little physical-activity, but is too restrictive for the men, and any person who is spent much. It should be noted that the virtues allotted to the soup-miracle are very over-estimated. Let us say simply that it is an astute way to make consume vegetables, and much of water.
The soup diet of course makes it possible to lose weight. But like any very hypocaloric diet, the resumption of weight is inevitable, even after having followed the phase of stabilization.

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